So the big storm has come and gone and left in its wake broken limbs and downed trees. This is when Call Tree Service Springs into action! Call us for tree removal and tree pruning services.

Broken Limbs

If you have a tree that has lost an entire large limb and need the limb removed, call us.

If a tree has had a limb either broken off only partially or completely but it’s caught in the limbs of the tree, give us a call and we’ll prune it well and remove the limb. A broken limb can pose a huge danger if it is dangling. It can fall and injure people or damage property.

Downed Trees

A downed tree is more than just an inconvenience. If your down tree has damaged the structure of your home or other buildings on your property, it needs to be removed carefully so as to avoid causing further damage. If it’s blocking the road or the lane up to your home, it’s going to interrupt your life in a major way. Call us and we’ll get you out! We are experts at tree removal If the tree broke has left you with a stump to deal with us, we can handle that too. We also offer a stump grinding service. We’ll leave the area graded and ready for the next tree to be planted when the snow has melted.

If you feel you need limbs pruned before the next storm, give us a call and we can help you avoid post-storm trouble. Call us today.


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