Call Tree Services provide expert, safe and professional tree removal services to the Richmond area. We have two locations, in Richmond and Ashland so we can reach most areas quickly and safely. We survived Winter Storm Jonas, but there is cleanup to do and we need to do it fast. According to the weather channel, there is a low-pressure system heading north, and if it lays down a layer of ice on top of the snow that is already bending trees down with the weight of the snow, there could be even more damage.

We know this snow was relatively dry but snow is snow and weighs down limbs and bringing whole trees down. We all know that loblolly and the popular Leland Cyprus have shallow root systems so they tend to come down easily in strong winds, and we all know there were plenty of strong winds in winter storm Jonas!

Tree removal is a dangerous business. According to the good people at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an average of 200 tree-related deaths every year in the U.S. We are professionals and take all the necessary precautions to avoid both injuries to our tree experts who are doing the tree removal, but also to your property. We’ve all seen videos on the internet of well-meaning people attempting to get a tree to fall one way but a lack of know-how has them felling the tree in the opposite direction causing property damage. The videos are funny as long as they happen to someone else.

Don’t’ risk injury or property damage. Call the professionals for high-quality safe tree removal. Call Call Tree services today and we’ll come out, remove damaged trees or limbs. We also do stump removal to leave the areas ready for further use.

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Keep your trees trimmed and healthy with Call Tree Service in Richmond & Ashland, Virginia. Our company is family-owned-and-operated by Mack Clanton, a Class-A licensed contractor.

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