We all know that winter isn’t completely done (just a few more weeks- hang on!), but the warm spell we’ve been experiencing has been great and it has drawn people outside to enjoy the weather. Now is a good time to start thinking about spring cleanup. This chore, or set of chores, brings up mixed feelings to most homeowners and gardeners. We love to get outside and set the stage for a glorious spring, but also just want the yard to clean itself up and let us enjoy the winter lull in yard work, just a little bit longer, so that we can sit back and relax in the springtime sun! Nevertheless, things must be done. So, we’ve reluctantly put together a starting list for spring clean up chores. We hope you enjoy getting out to do some if this work, but that you still take the time to sit and just enjoy the beauty of Virginia.


Deep Work

  • Now is the time to do work you can’t reach in the summer time. We’re talking cutting back briars, and vines.
  • Now is a good time of year to get the bush hog out and cut down brush that you know tends to get out of hand during the summer.
  • You can also reach places now, when the foliage is off the bushes, that you don’t see during the summer.
  • As soon as you see the first baby leaf of poison ivy, seize your change and


  • This time of year is a good time to fix fences, rebuild crumbling walls and fix any other hardscaping project that needs tending.
  • As long as it’s not freezing out, you can pour cement and depend on a good drying.


The Dirty Work

  • We all do it, when it’s cold out we tell ourselves we’ll get the dog poop scooped when it gets warmer. Well, it’s warmer now and it’s time to get the poop before spring rains come and make it one with the earth. Dog poop is the number one source of e Coli in the Chesapeake bay, so it’s a good thing to get it properly disposed of.

Clear the Flowerbeds

  • If you didn’t get all the refuse out of the flowerbeds in the fall, now is the time to do it.
  • Rake up all the leaves and dead foliage as well as all the twigs that have fallen during the winter.
  • Plant Bulbs
  • If you have a bag of bulbs you really meant to plant last fall, or picked up some spring planting bulbs, not is a good time to pop them in the ground.

While you are out in your yard, if you notice that a large branch in one of your tree looks like it has sustained damage in one of the storms we’ve had, give us a call and we’ll come out and assess it for you. If the limb needs to be removed, we can do it safely and neatly. If you need an entire tree removed, we can do that too, and grind the stump so the ground will be ready for use. Call us if you need us! Done.


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