Most of us hate the idea of having to cut down a tree. We know that the tree has taken years, or decades to reach its current height, and gives so many benefits to the surrounding area, the animals, houses and the inhabitants that are shaded by its outreaching branches. Trees play a large part in our memories; we remember climbing trees as children, under which we had our first kiss, or played with our babies. It is understandable that when the trees in our lives get sick, we are loath to cut them down. Yet, sometimes it must be done.


Felling a Tree is Dangerous Work

Diseased trees need to be cut down, or felled so that they do not pose a danger to homes and people. A diseased tree is a weakened tree and more likely to succumb to storm winds. If you suspect your tree is sick and needs to be felled, call CallTree Service for an evaluation and, if need be, and estimate for removing the tree.

Your Safety is a Priority

We know it is tempting to think that you can cut down the tree yourself but this is one project that you should not attempt as a DIY project. Of all the reasons that there are to call a professional, the one that really matters is your safety. The number one reason to call a professional is that we have the equipment and the know-how to handle the felling of a tree. We know how to remove the larger limbs of a tree in a safe manner so that no one gets hurt. We know how gravity will effect the tree as the cutting progresses. We have the experience to know if rigging is needed to keep everyone safe and if an aerial lift is needed. Large limbs of trees and their trunks weight thousands of pounds and everyone needs to be safe during this process. Your property needs to be protected as well, and we know how to do that.

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