Loblolly Pines

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We’ve been highlighting some common Virgina trees and will concentrate on the lovely Loblolly Pine.

The Loblolly pine trees is one of the most common trees in Virginia. No Virginia landscape is complete without these tall, top-heavy shortleaf pine trees.

How to Identify a Loblolly Pine

  • They grow to 90-110 feet tall and 2-3 feet in diameter.
  • The lower branches will be gone or pointing down while the upper branches point upward, leaving the tree with a crown that is oval and quite open.
  • The needles are 6-9 inches long and come in clusters of threes.

Strong Points

  • It is one of the mainstays of the lumber industry.
  • It is a favorite for many reasons. It is fast growing and is known for growing straight.
  • It is drought tolerant and has a long life.
  • Lower branches self prune.


  • If the soil is shallow, it can be susceptible to being blown over, but if the soil is deep, it can withstand winds.
  • It does have a vulnerability to the southern pine beetle.

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