You’ve faced the bad news that one of your beloved shade trees is dead and now poses a danger; you know it has to be felled and removed. As your Richmond tree service, we know you may want to replace it so that you’ll have another shade tree to keep your AC bills down and provide you with perfect summer evenings in your gorgeous home. We’ve come up with some suggestions for replacing it so you will have shade again sooner rather than later.

Chose the Right Tree for the Climate

  • Richmond is in Zone 7a when it comes to climate zones so trees that belong to this classification should be chosen.
  • Some trees, such as the Bald Cypress tolerate wet soils and thrive in wetlands.

The Sycamore

  • You’ll want to think about the adult size of the tree you want to plant.
  • The Sycamore grows up to 131 feet and will dominate the area, the trunk can measure up to ten feet in diameter.
  • This is a great choice if you have a large space and don’t want a forest of smaller trees.
  • It’s an attractive tree with distinctive peeling bark and grows about six feet a year.

The Red Bud

  • This well-known and popular tree is perfect for planting close to a house. It grows quickly to a relatively diminutive size of 20-30 feet so won’t ever fall on your roof or dump leaves into upper story gutters. It puts out a blizzard of delicate pink flowers in the spring and has big shade-giving, heart-shaped leaves all summer.

If you are ready to face cutting down the doomed tree, contact CallTree Service. We can remove the dead tree and grind the stump and leave you with a space that is ready for the next tree to be planted.


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