Whatever your thoughts on the mechanism behind global climate change, it’s pretty obvious that our planet is experiencing a profound change. As your Richmond tree service, we are out in nature nearly every day, and our thoughts turn to trees and the effect that this change will bring to the landscape of trees. None of us know if our specific location will end up dryer or wetter. If you are in a tidal area, it might get wetter, but if you are on higher ground it might get dryer.

When we fell and remove sick and dead trees, the owners of the land often plan to replace the trees. We have some thoughts on planting trees to survive in the future, assuming that climate change continues at the same pace.

Wet Areas

If you have an area of land on your lot where water tends to pool, and you are cutting a tree down, you may notice an increase in the pooling because the tree is no longer taking in some of the water. When considering replacement trees, you should consider planting trees that can take standing water. A great choice for this is Bald Cypresses. These trees thrive in wet areas and turn a gorgeous rust color before dropping their needles in the autumn. They are one of the few deciduous conifers and such a lovely specimen tree to have as well.

Dry Areas

Assuming that dry areas will get dryer, planting a drought resistant tree in an upland dry spot is a good idea. A few example of great trees that can take some dry years is red buds, oaks, and southern white pines.

If you plant some of both types of trees in different areas of your lot, you increase your chances of having healthy mature trees in the future. Call CallTree Services for tree felling, removal and stump removal services.


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