Should It Stay or Should It Go?

No one wants to declare a tree dead or too sick to save. We all recognize the value trees give to us, from shade and a habitat for birds and critters, to erosion control and a wind break. Still, sometimes we need to recognize that a tree has lived its last day. But how do you know? How do you know that it’s not ok to just leave it standing for a few years? We are Call Tree Services and can help you know if a tree needs to be removed and we can fell it for you in the safest, most efficient way.

Is the Tree Hollow?

  • If the inside of a tree has rotted out leaving just the outside bark standing?
  • If this is the case it should be removed safely before it falls, damaging property or injuring people.

Are there Large Sections That are Dead?

  • If more than 50 percent of the tree is dead, you should consider removing it in its entirety.
  • If only, say 25 percent is dead, you could remove the dead branches so they are not a hazard and see if you can save the rest of the tree.

Is it a Nuisance Tree?

  • Say you move into a new home and it’s lined with a type of tree that you know to be a species that falls over easily in the wind.
  • You might want to replace that line of trees with a heartier species that has deeper, stronger roots.
  • We can remove any trees that you want to be removed.
  • We do stump removal too and will leave the area ready to use.

If you know you want a tree removed, or need help deciding, call- Call Tree Service and we’ll come out and help you make the call.


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