Call Tree Services are the go-to tree service for the Richmond area. We have locations in both Ashland and Richmond so no matter where you are in the area, we can get there easily and perform our tree services to keep your trees healthy and your property safe. Spring is just around the corner and there are some things to keep an eye out for to make sure all your trees are fit to stay and some things to do to make sure they last another year in good conditions. If you see any of these signs of ill health, be sure to call us out so we can make a thorough evaluation of your tree. And if you need help pruning your trees properly, call our highly trained and experienced crew out to help!

A Widowmaker

A widowmaker is the forestry term for a branch that is severed from the tree but is hanging loose suspended on other branches and poised to fall. When these fall to the ground, they can kill someone, if they are large enough, or damage property. Call us to remove these hazards. Please call us to handle this dangerous job. Widowmakers are responsible for 11% of all chainsaw fatalities in the U.S.

Dead Wood

You won’t be able to spot true dead wood until the spring has sprung, but if you see a large branch with large sections of bark falling off it, it is probably dead wood. Dead wood will not show any signs of growth when spring has arrived. You can leave a smaller branch of dead wood be, but when the dead wood takes up more than half the tree, it needs to be removed. If you see a tree showing signs of dead wood, start thinking about what tree you’d like to replace it, and you can even plant it near by so by the time the big tree needs to be taken down, you have a replacement already growing.

Timely Pruning and Planting

Spring time pruning is something that needs to be done before spring comes. Trees need to be pruned while they are still dormant. You need to prune dead, diseased or unsafe branches before the tree wakes up. If you wait until summer time, there is a greater chance of disease and pests taking advantage of your cuts and infecting your tree. Now is also the time to plant new trees. This gives them the whole spring to grow and thrive. As soon as you see trees budding out, you can apply fertilizer. Do your research and find out what food your trees need to thrive. Better yet, get a soil sample and have it analyzed so you know the specific deficits of the soil so you can be precise about the food you are giving your trees.

When you need the best tree services in the Richmond VA area, call us! We prune, trim, and remove trees. We also offer stump grinding and lot clearance. We can clear and grade the land so you can have a plot ready to go! Call us today!


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