Call Tree Services removes disease or weather damaged trees, prunes trees for the health of the tree and removes stumps. We know it’s been a heck of a winter and spring here in the Richmond area, and we’ve been kept clearing trees brought down by the extreme weather. When we have cleared the last downed tree, there will still be more to do! We know that trimming trees is a spring chore that needs to be done to keep trees healthy and looking great. I, our last blog we started a list of other spring chores and we’ll continue that list this week.

Spring Yard Work

  • If you left perennials and grasses in place last fall, now is the time to clean them up so spring grown has room to grow.
  • Spring is the time to divide and propagate plants that flower in late summer and fall. This includes asters and mums.
  • Lawn work included aerating, seeding and fertilizing grass.
  • When you are walking around the yard, keep an eye out for shingles or pieces of flashing ? that might have blown off during a storm. If you find some, call your roofer.
  • Clean out flower beds of leaves and debris. You can put the leaves in the burn pile or in a compost pile so you can use the nutrients to feed your plants.
  • Spring flowers are ready to go. With 80 degree temperatures in the forecast, you can plant your petunias and pansies without too much fear of frosts.

If you are out doing yard work and notice a tree or a single branch that is not leafing out, call us to have it removed so it doesn’t fall on your home or car.


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