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We are crazy about trees and crazy about Virginia, so you can guess how we feel about Virginia’s trees. Yes, we are crazy about them. We are going to be featuring a Virginia tree per blog post. We hope you enjoy them and learn something to boot.

Bald Cypress

Bald Cypresses to have ‘character’. You can’t say that about just any tree! These trees make their presence know. Most conifers are evergreen, but the Bald Cypress is not. It is one of only three Conifers that is deciduous, or loses all its foliage yearly. Most conifers drop some needles every year, but only three drop all their needles. These three are the Bald Cypress, the Larch, and the Dawn Redwood. In the fall, the needles turn a gorgeous rusty color prior to dropping.

The Tree with Knees

A common nickname for the Bald Cypress because it sends up roots at the surface around the tree. Bald Cypress are often found in wetlands and so these knobby knee roots function to deliver air to the tree since many other roots are under water.

Slow and Old

These majestic trees grow slowly and can live up to 600 years. The can grow to be over 300 feet tall. Choose the location for your Bald Cypress well, because it will be there a long time.

Check back next time for more interesting facts about one of Virginia’s trees. In the meantime, if you need any tree services, don’t hesitate to call Call Tree Services at 804.505.2562


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