Call Tree Services services the whole Richmond area from its two locations, Ashland and Chesterfield. From these two locations, we can effectively service the whole area. Our services include tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, and stump removal & grinding. If you need a lot cleared, call us. If you need a tree topped, call us! We pride ourselves on being prompt and courteous. We’ve been going over some of the more common trees of the great state of Virginia and will continue that today with an examination of the Sweetgum tree.

Sweetgum Tree

The tree we know as the Sweetgum has the Latin title of Liquidambar styacflue. It is one of the most popular trees in the eastern part of the US. It grows best in temperate climes and so can be found more south of the Mason-Dixon line that is north of it. It can be identified by the five-pointed star-shaped leave and its fruit that comes in a spiky shell. The spikes are arranged around small holes, or capsules, where a pair of seeds are found. Each gumball has 40-60 capsules of seeds. This tree grows to about 30-50 feet “in captivity” and up to 150 feet in the wild.

Valuable Wood

It is known in the lumber industry as satin walnut and is an important wood in the manufacturing of plywood. It is often used as the veneer layer for plywood.

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