It wasn’t too long ago that we were writing blogs about the unseasonably warm weather here in Richmond and now it’s Nor’easter time! We all know winter wouldn’t completely forget us, and indeed, here it is! Winter weather can wreak havoc on your trees, piling wet snow on limbs and pulling them down, sometimes bringing powerlines down with them.

We’ve compiled a list of winter safety tips for your trees and you to keep in mind with this next storm.

Don’t Shake Limbs or Smaller Trees

  • If the limbs of your favorite Red Bud or Dogwood tree are being pulled down by heavy snow and or ice, resist the urge to shake them clean. Trees’ flexibility can help them survive the extra weight. If you shake it off suddenly, the tree will snap back into position. The chances of that happening too quickly are great and that can actually damage the tree far more than bending to the weight of the snow. The snow will melt on its own soon enough.

Have Broken Limbs Removed Quickly

  • Dangling or broken limbs can fall on people or possessions below and cause damage. Call us as soon as you notice that a branch has broken during the storm. If a branch has only partially broken off, we’ll remove it carefully so as to minimize damage to the rest of the tree. As soon as we can get to you, we’ll remove it carefully.
  • If a broken limb is resting on a power line, call us and together we’ll figure out if we can take care of it or if your utility company needs to come out.

If you have storm damage to your trees, call Call Tree Service. We are experts in tree removal and service the whole Richmond area.


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