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A Tree Lover’s Lament

Everyone loves trees. Trees provide shade for our homes to keep our summer cooling bills down; they act as windbreaks, protecting us from howling winter winds; they give us food and provide homes for birds and other wildlife, without which, life would seem empty. Seldom do we meet someone who wants to cut down an adult tree. Instead, people find themselves in the position of having to remove a tree. It’s hard to know when you really need to cut down a tree and how to go about doing it. This week, we’ll go over some basics about tree removal.

Reasons to Remove a Tree

Root systems of a tree can undermine the foundation of a home or can invade a septic tank, wreaking havoc on your entire system.

Building a home on a wooded lot sometimes requires strategic removal of certain trees to make room for the house.

Disease and old age can turn trees you’ve come to love into hazards.

  • The Cost of Tree Removal
  • The cost of removing any one tree depends on several variables, including:
  • the height of the tree
  • the width of the trunk
  • the number of large, high branches
  • the location of the tree
  • the proximity of utility lines

For an accurate estimate, call us out, and we’ll survey the tree and give you an estimate.

You Know the Tree Has to Go, Now What?

When you know a tree needs to be removed, you will be faced with a decision as to who to call to have it removed. There are three main options when it comes to who will do the job; you can do the job yourself, you can hire amateurs, or you can hire professionals.

Don’t Do it Yourself

Cutting down a tree is dangerous work, even for professionals. If you are cutting down a tree for the first time, the chances of you seriously injuring yourself are increased. Large, dead branches are called widow makers for a reason. These branches can behave unpredictably, if you don’t know how to read them. The equipment you need to use is powerful, and you need proper training to use it safely. Additionally, working with power tools near power lines creates a potentially life-threatening situation. Don’t risk it to save money or for bragging rights.

Don’t Hire Amateurs

Lots of people think they know how to remove a tree. Maybe they’ve watched a few youtube videos and are sure they take a tree down with safety and with precision, but the truth is something different. It takes training and experience to remove a tree safely. To have a tree removed safely means that no one is crossing their fingers while they drop a tree at full height, through your backyard. And best of all, when you have a tree removed professionally, there will be no viral video of your house or car being crushed. Don’t let amateurs practice tree removal at the cost of your property.

Workers are not the only ones at risk when amateurs perform this inherently dangerous job. From 1992-2007, there were 1,285 deaths among tree workers from falls, electrocution, and falling objects. As a homeowner, if something happens to uninsured workers on your property, it is your insurance policy that will have to cover the injuries or deaths. Don’t risk your financial standing to save a small amount of money by hiring amateurs.

Call the Professionals at CallTree Services

The professional tree removal experts at CallTree Services have the experience and the know-how to safely remove a tree.

We have the proper equipment and know how to use it safely.

We know how to read a tree, and how to tell how a decaying branch will reaction to being cut.

We know how to use gravity to our advantage, and how to stay out of danger of falling branches.

We are a Class-A licensed contractor, which means we have liability insurance so you are not risking your homeowner policy.

Call CallTree Services for the best, most professional tree removal service in the Richmond area.


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