Here we are, at the end of 2016, and it’s been an exciting year. We were happy to help so many customers all over the Richmond area from our two offices in Ashland and Richmond. We participated in clean-up efforts after Hurricane Matthew, and we are looking forward to offering our services again in 2017. One of our main services is tree removal, so we will review this service this week.


Tree Removal

This service is of great benefit to both residential and commercial customers. Residential tree removal can be a sad event, if the tree that needs to be removed is a bit like an old friend, offering shade and a home for birds. Alas, trees get sick and need to be removed before the fall and before they cause property damage or bodily harm. Signs that a tree is sick or needs to be removed for other reasons are listed below.


  • When deadwood has taken over more than half of the tree, the tree should be removed. Deadwood is part of a tree that is no longer getting sap delivered to it, and it turns brown and dies. The bark will fall off making advanced stages easy to spot.

Sudden Oak Death

  • If you have a tree, which can affect about 100 different trees and shrubs, not necessarily just oak trees, that shows signs of this disease, call us. Signs include spots on the bark that weep dark black or red sap and sudden browning of the leaves.


  • Illness isn’t the only reason to remove a tree. As trees grow, you may realize that they are encroaching on each other’s light and this can affect the overall health of all the trees involved. For the long term health of the “best” trees, some trees may need to be removed.


Construction Needs

  • When you are building on a wooded lot or adding an addition to your home, business, or church building, there could be a tree or trees that need to be removed for construction to tale place. Trees add value to a property, so which trees need to be taken down should be considered in the plans, but when it needs to be done, we can do it. We can clear an entire lot and grade it or clear just the portion of the property that will be built on. We are experts at stump grinding and grading so we will leave the area construction ready for you.
  • Another reason trees may need to be removed is if they are damaging the structure of your home or septic tank. Trees that have roots that disrupt foundations or go deep and invade septic tanks may need to be removed. Trees can be volunteers and cause problems as they grow or they can be planted by people who didn’t consider all the properties of that type of tree. One example is a Bald Cyprus. This tree is known as a tree with knees because it grows woody protrusions around it. While this is a great tree, as it doesn’t blow over easily and thrives in marshy areas, it may need to be removed if it was planted, or allowed to grow near a driveway or home.

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